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Lightweight stage

Flax Deck lightweight stage parts
Flax-Deck lightweight stage parts consist of a sandwich construction which results into the light weight. The lightweight stage system is made of stronglight and ecologically sound materials like flax and aluminium.

Lightweight stage


The lightweight (only 16 kg!) and the easy usability makes it possible for nearly everybody to set up the stage parts. Even primary school children find it easy to do!

Lightweight stages for every use

Flax-Deck lightweight stage parts are greatly suitable for primary schools, secondary schools, community centres, multifunctional centres, conference centres, hotel and catering industry, etc.

Collapsible stage setup

Quick and easy setup

Flax-Deck lightweight stage parts are specially designed for places where stage parts have to be set up and dismantled many times. Due to the lightweight and the unique leg construction the stage parts can be set up and put aside very easily. Besides, there are no loose parts so searching for little tools, parts, etc finally belongs to the past.

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Flax-Deck stage systems distinguish themselves for:

  • lightweight (only 16 kg!)
  • no loose parts
  • easy to deploy
  • stackable
  • compact size: 75 x 150 cm
  • antiskid surface
  • manufactured with ecologically sound materials
  • a 3 year guarantee on all the components
  • short delivery time


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