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Sustainable products

Sustainable stageOur vision on sustainability

People are more critical towards the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle. More and more environmentally friendly products are on the market and the demand is increasing. For our applications, we studied on the best sustainable solution. 

Triple E Lightweight Innovations works towards structural solutions for the environmental problems of tomorrow. 
We are convinced that the sustainable potential of flax with polyurethane is the greatest. 

Much to do 

The composite industry still has plenty to do in terms of sustainability. A sailboat of polyester fiber has no options after the use phase. Landfill is by EU regulations no longer possible and burning is problematic, because the glass pollutes the furnace. 


FlaxFlax and polyurethane offer new opportunities for the environment. When used in the furniture like tables and stage parts, less material is needed to achieve the same strength. This saves not only material but also weight. This products have less energy and lower CO2 balance. 

Triple E Lightweight Innovations wants to leverage the potential benefits of flax with polyurethane. We also work on step-by-step solutions for large-scale structural applications of more sustainable products. 

By using flax, fiber composites can be incinerated. Thanks to the fast production time flax has a short CO2-cycle and it can be burned as biomass for green electricity. This innovation has put Triple E Light Innovations a significant first step towards durable composite. 

Polyurethane can be extracted from natural materials and thus a biobased material is created. Before biomass is burned for green power, it can first be used for high quality products with a long life. The value of the land on which it is grown, will thus increase the resource significantly. Since 1998, Triple E Lightweight Innovations produces the first products using natural fibers and a first version biohars combined. 

In the long term: Recycling 

100% biobased is not 100% biodegradable. It is currently not possible to predict whether that is possible in the future. The collection of waste materials and products, further extending the life and proper recycling after use phase has our full attention. In the near future Triple E Lightweight Innovations cares that the products are properly disposed of and that valuable raw materials are recovered. 

Future: Cradle to Cradle 

The cradle-to-cradle concept aims at waste as an integral ingredient for a new life. With natural fiber, and recycling bio resin Triple E Innovations Lightweight has taken important steps towards a cradle to cradle composite

Sustainability and production 

Not only the materials deserve attention.  For sustainability also the production processes are part of a sustainable product. Triple E is therefore concerned with man and environment as these are key aspects to the business. There are agreements with our suppliers to residual material and waste to take back and recycle. This applies to the aluminum parts, polystyrene, flax and so on. In addition, the waste that arises from the factory is separately collected and processed directly.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Sustainability is in the genes of Triple E. The sustainability of the primary process is taking the first place, it is where our impact is the greatest. But we do more. 


Triple E Lightweight Innovations also offers employment to people because of personal circumstances elsewhere is not so easy to work, such as dropouts, 50-plus. 

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Production facility

The Flax-Deck stage parts are manufactured by Triple-E Lightweight Innovations in the Netherlands.

For a glimpse behind the scenes we invite you to visit our factory. We have a showroom where you can see most of our products.