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Triple E Lightweight Innovations derives its name from the formation of triple E's;


  • The first E is for Ecological: all our products are made from sustainable materials. Our raw materials are carefully selected to minimize environmental impact and where possible to have a positive effect on CO ² balance.

  • The second E stands for Ergonomic: all our products are tested according the Arbo standards and that is why all our products are as light as possible and easy to handle.

  • The last E is for Economic: the lightweight products developed by us have only value when we put them affordable on the market .

Finally, our logo contains a person on top of the three E's. This is not a coincidence, this is to emphasize that men must be seen as a major factor. This obviously applies to the people who make the product but also the way we handle our customers, suppliers and others. Hence, by making adjustments to the working environment we also employ a number of people that  normally cannot participate in such work.


The Triple E team currently consists of 21 employees.

Production facility

The Flax-Deck stage parts are manufactured by Triple-E Lightweight Innovations in the Netherlands.

For a glimpse behind the scenes we invite you to visit our factory. We have a showroom where you can see most of our products.