Winnaar Koploperproject 2014
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Unfolding & Setup

Step 1: Fold out the leg of the table and lock it.






Step 2: Adjust the right height by turning the round leg a little bit and then slide it in the height desired (concerns the adjustable Flax-Deck stage parts). Due to the built-in spring the blocking remains at the height chosen.

Step 3: Intervening distances can be adjusted with the tube inserts (with adjustable feet) at the end of the adjustable leg. This makes it possible to adjust the Flax-Deck at any height desired within the altitudinal range.

Read more about connecting the Flax-Deck stage parts.

Tip !


When the tube inserts with adjustable feet are equipped with an antiskid you prevent slipping of the Flax-Deck stage parts on a smooth underground.


Flax-Deck stage systems distinguish themselves for:

  • lightweight (only 16 kg!)
  • no loose parts
  • easy to deploy
  • stackable
  • compact size: 75 x 150 cm
  • antiskid surface
  • manufactured with ecologically sound materials
  • a 3 year guarantee on all the components
  • short delivery time


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