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Connecting stage partsTo connect the Flax-Deck stage parts you use the Flax-Deck Levelers and Flax-Deck Connectors. The Flax-Deck Leg Clamp can be used for the adjustable parts. This is optional.

Levelling stage partsThe Levelers make sure that the stage parts are at the exact same height. You place them in the assembly groove at the long side of the stage part and slide it to the middle of the groove.

Connecting stage partsYou connect the Flax-Deck stage parts by placing the Flax-Deck Connector in the assembly groove between two stage parts. You tighten it with the Flax-Deck Grip-Key supplied.

ClampThe adjustable stage parts can be connected by means of the Flax-Deck Leg Clamp. The Leg Clamp is attached to the round leg which results in optimal stability of the stage parts.


Flax-Deck stage systems distinguish themselves for:

  • lightweight (only 16 kg!)
  • no loose parts
  • easy to deploy
  • stackable
  • compact size: 75 x 150 cm
  • antiskid surface
  • manufactured with ecologically sound materials
  • a 3 year guarantee on all the components
  • short delivery time


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