Winnaar Koploperproject 2014
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Carrying capacity


Maximum carrying capacity by height    
Floor height 7.5 cm < 40 cm max. 70 cm
Point load F1 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
Point load F2 10 kg/cm² 10 kg/cm² 10 kg/cm²
Equally distributed F3 400 kg 300 kg 300 kg



Load Capacity
Gross vehicle weight 300 kg. per m² evenly distributed throughout surface. The maximum point load at its center is 150 kg. The maximum sideward load is 10%. Entered with or use of sharp or pointed objects, resulting in damage.

By unfolding the legs you must lock the latch by pulling it downwards in the direction of the legs to get a good lock.

Press both latches simultaneously to unlock the leg and move inward.

Cleaning and Maintenance
The plateau can be used for daily maintenance cleaning with hot water and a mild soap. Stubborn stains can be diluted with water, mild detergents. A abrasive sponge and hard abrasives should always be avoided.


Flax-Deck stage systems distinguish themselves for:

  • lightweight (only 16 kg!)
  • no loose parts
  • easy to deploy
  • stackable
  • compact size: 75 x 150 cm
  • antiskid surface
  • manufactured with ecologically sound materials
  • a 3 year guarantee on all the components
  • short delivery time


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