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Company information

International BV

Flax-Deck stage parts consist of a sandwich construction which results into the light weight. This sandwich construction is made up of flax. This natural material is better known in the shape of linen. Through this patenting system of processing a highly strong, light and ecologically sound material arises. Flax This ancient annual vegetation is cultivated practically all over the world and has a favourable effect on the CO2 emissions. The other materials like the finishing profile of the rim and the aluminium undercarriage are fully recyclable.

The stage parts are fully manufactured by Triple-E International BV; the parent company to which Flax-Deck belongs.

Folding stage elementThe unique sandwich concept of Flax-Deck is completed with a special undercarriage in which separate parts are not needed. The undercarriage of the Flax-Deck stage is formed by a hinged leg. When folding in this leg disappears in the cut-away in the deck.

The folding in and folding out of the legs is a very simple action. The hinge mechanism is specially developed for the Flax-Deck. When you choose for the stage parts that are adjustable in height you experience the easiness of our unique adjustable mechanism. Without using any tools or separate parts you set up the stage in the height desired!

Do you want to know more about the working of our unique undercarriage?

Production facility

The Flax-Deck stage parts are manufactured by Triple-E Lightweight Innovations in the Netherlands.

For a glimpse behind the scenes we invite you to visit our factory. We have a showroom where you can see most of our products.